Global Aviation Team Members Make a Cultural Impact


Anytime a major event happens in the U.S., chances are one of our airport shops is working hard behind the scenes.

Every day, 365 days a year, our customers operate thousands of aviation ground support equipment (GSE) and fleet assets across the country. On-field mechanical breakdowns can unfortunately disrupt service and travelers’ schedules.

From the time a plane lands and pulls up to the gate, until it pushes back and taxis to take off, the aviation ground support equipment can touch that aircraft up to 16 times.

People count on our customers, and so our customers count on us every day. Whenever the President of the United States travels on Air Force One, he likely passes through the airport support by our expert technicians.

Whether it’s the Super Bowl bringing thousands of travelers into PHX on a February weekend or the Kentucky Derby drawing a record crowd through SDF or the Indianapolis 500 attracting 200,000 fans to IND, these events and people are touched by the quality work we do.

Global Aviation Services has technicians serving over 70 airports across the U.S. Pick an event – a political convention, sporting championship or even David Letterman’s final show – and we’ve likely helped travelers get to where they are going.

That’s how Global Aviation makes a cultural impact and will continue to do so.