A little about us
and our values

Who we are…

Global Aviation Services, LLC (GAS) was established in 2007 to meet the growing industry demand for an aviation ground support equipment, fleet and facilities maintenance service provider who was committed to customer service performed at the highest integrity and at a fair price. Today, GAS is one of the fastest growing maintenance service providers in North America with shops in 80 airports, employing 320 skilled technicians.

What we do…

Our seasoned leadership team and expert technicians grew up in the aviation industry. We understand first hand the challenges and importance of successfully running efficient aviation ground support equipment (GSE) operations. Combining strong local leadership with the resources of our national company, we are able to deliver reliable maintenance services, including motorized GSE, non-motorized GSE, fleet, refurbishments and facilities – jet bridges.

Where we do it…

Our growing network of 80 airports across the U.S., from BOX to LAX, from DFW to JFK, gives us a unique perspective and insight into the current challenges facing airport ground support operations and how to successfully manage and overcome them. Our main office located in the suburb of Eagan, Minnesota is a young and dynamic community. Eagan has four times been named in the top 20 “Best Places to Live” in the U.S. by MONEY Magazine.

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Brad Osborn


Our business operating philosophy…

Our efforts at Global Aviation were founded on and continue to be based on three uncompromising principles:

(1) Hire Great People: Through great people, we strive to provide the best customer service we can as a leading aviation ground support equipment maintenance provider.

(2) Provide Exceptional Service at a Fair Price: We ensure exceptional service through Quality Assurance and Customer Feedback, and we go about our business earning our customers’ trust one job at a time.

(3) A Deep Commitment to Integrity: We have a deep commitment to integrity in everything we do. Integrity with our customers, with our employees and our vendors ensure they continue working with Global Aviation without reservation.

We are dedicated to supporting the daily operational performance of our customers through the quality and integrity of our maintenance programs. And through that dedication, we provide consistent reliable service at a fair price. Guaranteed.


  • He’s been CEO of Global Aviation Services since 2007 and has over 30 years in the aviation industry.
  • He began his career in airline industry with Minneapolis-based Mesaba Airlines.
  • Brad held various positions in his 23-year tenure at Mesaba, most notably 10 years as Hub Director overseeing operations at its hub in Minneapolis and six years as Director of Corporate Services overseeing non-aircraft purchasing, properties and facilities for the airline.

A dedicated maintenance service provider you can count on

Companies across the aviation industry are under pressure to continue to deliver great service with fewer and fewer financial resources. We understand that it is imperative to have reliable and safe equipment to deliver on, not detract from, our customer’s mission.

Every day, 365 days each year, our customers operate thousands of trucks and service equipment across the country. Principally focused on maintenance in and around airports, the equipment we maintain directly impacts the service providers and travellers in the aviation industry. Our work can impact the travelling experience 16 different ways for every flight.

By choosing Global Aviation Services as your maintenance service partner, our dedication to you and your operations will be second to none.

ISO 9001 Certified Quality

Global’s Total MX Solution has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System certification.

Commitment to Our Associates

We work with our associates to constantly maintain and improve our standard of quality from the Technician to the C-Level Executive in our quest for total quality assurance.

Flexible, Integrity-Based Maintenance

We demand flexibility from our associates and vendors to respond to our customer’s demands in a way that ensures integrity in our services.

Lowest total cost maintenance programs

We continuously improve our processes to ensure that we are the lowest total cost provider without sacrificing integrity, productivity or mission capability.

We’re Hiring!

Global Aviation is one of the leading maintenance service providers of aviation ground support equipment across 67 airports in the U.S.  Interested in joining our team of expert automotive, diesel and facility technicians?

For our 250 technicians, every day is different. One day could mean painting or welding passenger stairs. The next could be installing an engine, prepping a de-ice truck, or fixing a baggage tractor. We have a number of positions open across the country.

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